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Tubular Balances
Light-weight, economically-priced, handheld scales.
Hanging Dial Scales
Mechanical scales with a clock-face and a rotating needle.
Suspended Scales and Luggage Scales
Digital scale with the load suspended below the scale.
Bench Scales
Top-loading scales typically mounted on a bench.
Pocket Balances
Very small scales, small enough to fit in your pocket.
Bathroom Scales & Body Fat Scales
Stand-on scales for people.
Baby Scales
Specialised medical scales ideal for weighing babies and infants.
Coin Counting Scales
Specialised scales for counting coins.
Kitchen Scales and Kitchen Accessories
Small capacity scales ideal for use in the kitchen.
Platform Scales
A top-loading, higher capacity scale.
Counting Scales
Ideal for stock takes, part counting, or filling by quantity.
Product accessories include replacement parts and optional extras.
Economical and Precision Balances
A range of compact and precision balances.
Test Pieces for Metal Detectors
Test pieces for performance testing of metal detectors.

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