About Us

Experience that Inspires Confidence

Salter was established in the early 1900's in Australia. Since this time, Salter's success has made it necessary to branch out into other states, making Salter a true national identity. Through its current workforce, Salter totals over 500 years experience in the weighing industry, in addition to many years experience in the general engineering and electronics industries.

Salter's difference makes us leaders in our field and we are well prepared for changing technology. Our staff are trained to be both skilled and flexible ensuring that the customer obtains a complete solution for the application. The major difference is the commitment which Salter provides to employees and our customers. We go out of our way to understand our customers' Production and Quality requirements and we have a genuine desire to achieve the results you want. At Salter we pride ourselves on professionalism and flexibilty - which is highlighted by our mutli-skilled team.

Why Choose Salter?

Salter provides a full and complete range of services in the weighing and control field from initial engineering design to installation and after sales support. Salter's fully computerised tracking system enables all jobs in progress to be monitored. Therefore every job can be quickly accessed on the network saving valuable time and giving quick detailed responses to you the customer. Salter's automatic processes have obtained excellent results because we firmly believe that the Weighing or Measurement process must be accurate and repeatable before automation is considered. Moreover, Salter provides the right supply or service solution to suit your needs, not ours.